Jabra PRO 920 Wireless Headset – New


  • Crystal clear sound and safe sound levels
  • Soft, comfortable ear cushions
  • Noise-canceling microphone
  • Answer/End, mute, volume Controls
  • Adjustable headband for a perfect fit
  • LED display with Battery, Mute and Audio link indicators
  • *Available In New & Refurbished*



Jabra PRO 920 is a professional entry-level wireless headset designed for use with desk phones. The robust Jabra PRO 920 offers all the essential features of a wireless headset in a simple design at an attractive price point.

Greater Productivity and Comfort

Jabra PRO 920 frees users from their desk, enabling them to find documents and multi-task with maximum efficiency while on a call. Apart from being able to walk and talk up to 120m/350ft away from their desk, users will also benefit from enhanced ergonomics as the headset prevents neckstrain caused by pressing a phone to their ear for long periods.

True Jabra Quality Sound

Jabra PRO 920 offers crystal clear audio and quality enhancing features such as Jabra SafeTone™ that protects hearing by cutting off loud noises and securing safe average sound levels. The noise-canceling microphone blocks out unwanted background noise from the office.

Easy to Deploy. Easy to Use

Jabra PRO 920 is compatible with all leading desk phone systems. User-friendly voice prompts make set-up a breeze, and the simple and intuitive call-control buttons make it easy to control calls from the headset.

Key Features

  • Crystal clear sound and safe sound levels
  • Soft, comfortable ear cushions
  • Noise-canceling microphone
  • Dedicated button to answer/end calls
  • Separate buttons to mute call or turn volume up or down
  • Adjustable headband for a perfect fit
  • LED display with Battery, Mute and Audio link indicators


  • Desk phone connectivity: enjoy hands-free communication and increase productivity
  • Dect wireless technology: Voice dedicated transmission prevents interference from e.g. wifi
  • Up to 120m/350ft office range: Increases productivity and comfort. multitask with maximum efficiency and control your call from anywhere in the office
  • Talk time up to 8h: talk all day. No need to charge headset during working hours
  • Call-control buttons on headset:
  • – answer/end call
  • – Volume
  • – mute
  • separate call-control button: Ensures intuitive call handling
  • selectable auto sleep-mode function: Saves power when the headset is inactive for a longer period of time
  • Noise-canceling microphone: Enhances call clarity by eliminating background noise from the office
  • Digital signal Processing technology: Hear and be heard more clearly with digitally enhanced speech
  • Headset weight: 27g lightweight headset for all-day-comfort
  • Selectable range settings: Adjust range settings to accomodate for density issues
  • Minimal energy consumption with Jabra intelliPower system
  • Headset adjusts power consumption automatically and base unit is optimized for low power consumption. this saves energy and reduces co2 emissions
  • Standby time 36h: reduces need to charge headset
  • Fast charge battery: The headset is fully charged in less than 3 hours. 50% charging in 50 minutes. 20% charging in 20 minutes
  • Voice prompt guide: setting up your headset has never been easier. Users are guided through every step by voice prompts
  • Conference mode: Up to four Jabra Pro 920 headsets can be paired with one base to form a conference call
  • Battery status indicator: The battery icon lets users know if the battery is charging and when battery power is low
  • Users can choose the wearing style that suits them the best
  • Upgradeable software: simply connect the service cable to the computer and update the unit via www.jabra.com/pcsuite. the service cable is available as an accessory
  • security: encryption between headset and base secure conversation. No one can listen in
  • Jabra safetone™ technologies: compliant with noise-at-work legislation: Protects your hearing by cutting off sound spikes and sudden loud noises (Peakstop™ protection) and securing safe average sound levels throughout the day (intellitone™)
  • Remote call-control: Jabra’s electronic hook switch adapters (ehs) enable users to answer, end or mute a call from the headset while away from the desk. (Ehs adaptors are available as accessories)
  • Compatibility: Jabra Pro 920 is compatible with all leading phone systems



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