Plantronics Compatible A10-11 Amplified Headset Connection Cable – New


  • Increases the Transmit Volume
  • Connects to Any Quick Disconnect Terminating
  • Headset System Specific Cable Turns a H Top Into a Polaris Headset
  • Durable Coiled Cable


The Plantronics A10-11 amplified connection cable is compatible for use with all Plantronics headset tops (H tops) that terminate in a Quick Disconnect plug. This cable is only recommended for use with systems that require extra amplification and would have previously required a Polaris headset.

Increases the Outgoing Volume

The cable has a larger capacity than standard Plantronics bottom connection cables for sending sound down the cable. Allowing more sound to travel down the cable in turn increases the transmit volume level.

System Specific Cable

Some system phones and telephone systems need a headset that will amplify the volume transmit level. In the past, the Plantronics Polaris range of headset would have been the compatible choice as they have a level of amplification built into them.

Works Like a Polaris Headset

Because the A10-11 cable is amplified, when it is connected to any standard Plantronics H series headset (H top) it will increase the transmit volume like a Polaris headset. This also means that if you ever change your telephone system to one that requires this type of amplified headset, you will not need to change your standard H top headset, you simply change your bottom cable to the A10-11, saving you money.

The cable is constructed from a tough and durable plastic and being coiled can stretch to allow its user more flexibility.


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