Polycom Soundstation 2W EX Wireless Audio Conferencing Phone – Refurbished


  • Up to 24 hr. talk time; 160 hr. standby
  • 64 bit encryption for added security
  • Ideal up to 16 users
  • Ability to dial through a cell phone
  • Up to 150 foot wireless roaming


Now there’s a conference phone without cords that gives you the freedom to conference anywhere team collaboration is important – even in rooms where there are no phone lines. With superior voice quality to the award winning SoundStation, proven 2.4 GHz or 1.9 GHz wireless technology, added security of voice encryption, up to 24 hours of talk time, and the ability to dial through a cell phone, the SoundStation2W is the new standard for everyday conferencing.

SoundStation2W delivers voice quality that is twice as loud and provides twice the microphone sensitivity as the original SoundStation enabling clearer natural, two-way conversations. Our secure and proven 2.4 GHz or 1.9 GHz platforms provide simple and robust wireless capability with any analog phone line. With reliable 150 foot wireless roaming from the base station, wireless frequency hopping to avoid interference, and a long lasting Lithium-ion battery, the SoundStation2W truly meets today’s needs for excellent voice quality and usage flexibility.

SoundStation2W is also the first phone that combines cell phone convenience and Polycom voice quality. The standard headset cable provided enables users to instantly connect their cell phone to the conference phone. This mode gives users the option to dial directly through a cell phone or transfer between handset and conference phone mode during a conversation. Because the call is dialed through the cellular network, there is no need for an analog phone line– providing true portability and wireless freedom!


  • Polycom’s Award Winning Acoustic Clarity Technology for natural, simultaneous two-way conversations
  • High performance mics and speaker for the best conferencing experience possible
  • Talk from two to 10 feet away from a mic and still be heard on the far end
  • Wireless freedom – conference anywhere team collaboration is important
  • Standard 2.4 GHz WDCT or 1.9 GHz DECT
  • A clean solution without cords digital spread spectrum radio
  • Enough talk time to go wireless for a week without recharging
  • 150 ft. wireless range
  • Portable charger allows for continued operation anywhere even when the battery runs out
  • Rechargeable Li-Ion battery
  • Up to 24 hr. talk time; 160 hr. standby
  • Portable console charger 4 hr. recharge cycle
  • Deploy wireless with peace of mind; ensures secure conferencing
  • 64 bit Voice encryption for added security
  • Aux out (record) activated from console
  • Works like a traditional conference phone
  • No training required, just set it up and go!
  • Great for group conferencing in facilities or temporary work spaces where there is no analog phone line
  • Convenience of transferring calls from your cell phone to group conference speakerphone
  • Dynamic Noise Reduction (DNR)
  • Maximum pickup of person speaking with minimum pickup of background noises
  • Software Upgradeable (via Mini USB port)
  • Investment protection; get new features without having to replace equipment
  • Backlit graphical display with soft keys
  • Easy to read icons for wireless status
  • Easy to use caller ID, phone book, conferencing, mute, and hold
  • PC style locking grommet
  • For conference rooms – option to secure console on table with a standard PC locking cable
  • Easy to install, can be mounted on wall, or placed out of the way


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